Our Brand of Baseball

Since the very beginning, this program has stood for several things.  We have won our share of games, and we will this year and in the future.  But more importantly, our core principles will NEVER change or be compromised.  All players will make the decision to live and play by the standards of this program, or will not be a part of it.  Tiger Baseball Is Not For Everybody.

Get In or Get Out- There Is No Life In Between.


These are the Tiger Baseball Non-Negotiables:

  1. Hard Work – We outwork every program in the state.
  2. Toughness –  We play hard-nosed baseball.  Always fair, always within the rules, but we will play the game at a level that not everyone is willing to play at.
  3. Max Effort – In practice and in games, we do the little things as hard as we can go.  We slow the game down and are never out of control, but HUSTLE scores us runs, saves runs on the other side, and wins us games.
  4. Class – We have a program that parents and fans can be proud of at all times.
  5. Ballplayer Look, Feel, Act – We respect the game and exhibit baseball etiquette.  We look and sound like a top-notch baseball program.
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